Wednesday, June 14, 2017

Bauchi Gov. Travels To Saudi Arabia For Medical Treatment

Mohammed Abubakar, governor of Bauchi state, is to travel to Saudi Arabia for medical checkup, Bello Ilelah, secretary to the state government, said yesterday.

Ilelah said the governor would be away for 17 days, during which his deputy, Nuhu Gidado, would act as the state’s chief executive.

“His Excellency, Mohammed Abdullahi Abubakar Esq, Governor of Bauchi, will undertake a medical trip to Saudi Arabia, from Tuesday, 13th June, 2017, to Friday, 30th June, 2017,” Ilelah said in a statement.

“During his absence, His Excellency, Nuhu Gidado, deputy governor, will act as the governor.”


  1. Is this the first time he will travel for treatment?

  2. Nigerians have suffered. Every Nigerian leader knows the country has no good medical facility. They travel overseas for treatment while the masses are left with death traps

  3. It's their way. Not surprised even pmb went abroad for treatment

  4. Quick recovery