Monday, June 26, 2017

Photos: Aliko Dangote Celebrating Eid With His Billionaire Friends

They had the celebration on his yacht. Those pictured here are, his bestie, Femi Otedola, Donald Duke, Segun Awolowo, Tunde Ayeni, Niyi Adebayo and Sam Nwajoku. Another photo below...


  1. God please bless my hustle. These are de creme de la creme of Nigeria

  2. Nicey. I need one of them as my hubby or sugar daddy

  3. Money is not everything in life.

    Between money and good health, if God asked anyone here to pick one, which one will that person pick?

    I know some hoes here will pick money because their thinking faculty is actually located between their legs and covered with labia minora and Labia majora.
    I know this for sure.

    It takes a lot of reasoning which is beyond the reach of most hoes and bitches to know that, in life, as long as you have a job that you truly love doing and you are moderately comfortable financially, you need nothing more.

    Meanwhile, how many of these rich folks here in this yacht can actually swim?
    What if this yacht capsizes? Anyway, hopefully, they all know how to use a life vest just in case of any eventuality.

    Also, where are the P-square brothers here? I used to think that they are homies with Aliko Dangote. The P-square brothers should have been invited to at least come and sing for this mega rich guys.

    I never even knew that Segun Awolowo is also a billionaire. More grease to his elbows.

    And to the hoe up there who wants to have any rich guy as a husband or sugar daddy, please remember that the rich also cry.

    Also, remember that having too much money can never equate being happy. It is better to be happy in life than having millions with nothing to be happy about.