Thursday, June 8, 2017

Daddy Freeze Explains Why He Will Never Cheat On Wife

Daddy Freeze in an online post has explained why he will never cheat on his wife! Yea, the new one. According to him, she makes food that enslaves a man and he will never cheat on her.

Why emphasising on that, Daddy Freeze wrote;

'Oh my Gawd! This is why I won't ever cheat on this woman! This food is an enslaver of men! You will sell your soul for this! Lol! Thai chili king prawns and mushrooms in the making'


  1. mumu talk- Newyorker

  2. Freeze no go let us hear word with his wife's career

  3. Liar you will still cheat. Men cheat even when they have the perfect spouse

    1. I agree with u.over 80% of men cheat on their wives.the truth is d urge for sex with only one woman reduces thus d need for men explore to pep up their sex urge with their wives.

  4. Mtchews. Trying to make his wife relevant