Wednesday, June 7, 2017

Dammy Krane Appears In Court With Crime Partner, Granted Bail

Dammy Krane has been granted bail! He was granted bail as he appeared in court yesterday with his Co-defendant Chukwuebuka Gabriel Ilonchowu popularly known as Ebuka.

They both pleaded not guilty. They will now appear in court on June 23rd, 2017.

See copies of the Complaint/Arrest Affidavit of both below…

Just incase you are still wondering what led to their arrests, Dammy Krane and Ebuka purchased two private charter flight tickets with fraudulent credit cards to travel from Miami to Washington D.C.

The CEO of the company they purchased the tickets from, Eugene Kesselman of Tap Jets Inc., was suspicious of them and contacted the police who arrived and waited for them at the airport. When the duo subsequently arrived at the airport, the police detained them and subsequently took them into custody, after an investigation.

The police say they were able to identify the duo by their legal names. Dammy Krane had his passport along with several credit cards in the front of his pant pocket. Three of the credit cards were in Krane’s name but four were in the name of a William Payton III. The duo each had a book bag and a suitcase. When the officers searched the bags they claim, they found several cell phones and laptops in their bags and they were arrested.


  1. stupid people will now say they are been implicated.They are all fraudster.omooba

    1. It could be you, so watch your choice of words.

  2. I laff in Spanish d boy will rot in jail he is a bloody scammer he wants to be rich like davido.The mum was talking tharsh dat he is innocent dat a promoter bought him ticket na d promoter put ten credit cards with his name on it inside his pockets abegi God don vatch d boy others will be caught

  3. Okay, hopefully others will learn.

  4. Too bad. Will Tubaba not say anything on this matter?

  5. Good name is better than diamond/gold. See ya life Dammy krane/ Ebuka