Thursday, June 8, 2017

Dog Loses Police Job, Becomes Governor's Companion

The police found that he was simply too friendly and sociable to be work on the force, preferring to snuggle with strangers rather than catch criminals.

He flunked out of the police academy, and was lost and without direction – until he found a job that was perfect for him.

During his training, Gavel had been fostered at the Paddington home of the Governor of Queensland, Australia, Paul de Jersey. After he failed to progress to a full-time police dog position, staff at Government House (the official residence of the governer) decided to give Gavel a job.

The dog now spends his days greeting visitors and hanging out with his friends at Government House, in the position of vice-regal dog.

It’s perfectly suited to Gavel, who gets to snuggle with whoever he fancies and play outside when he chooses.

Now that Gavel’s grown up and has proved he’s a reliable member of staff, he’s also allowed to sit in on meetings, and has his own specially-made Government House coat.