Sunday, June 25, 2017

Pharmacist Accused Of 'Selling' His Boss To Evans Released

                                             Emeka Egbulugha and Chief Donatus Dunu

I have passed through the valley of death”.Those were the words, depicting a high sense of lamentation,from Emeka Egbulugha, 33, the pharmacist working with Maydon Pharmaceutical Company in Ilupeju, Lagos, whose boss, Chief Donatus Dunu, was abducted and kept in captivity for over 90 days, at the Igando area of the state.

Chief Donatus Dunu, regained his freedom miraculously. Although, even after he had paid a ransom of N150m, Evans and his boys did not allow Dunu go. He reportedly escaped just few hours to the time slated by his abductors to kill him.

After his escape, Chief Dunu gave a vivid account of his sordid experiences while in captivity, to the police. Shockingly, he named some of his staff, allegedly led by Emeka, as the mastermind of the kidnap.

The suspects were subsequently rounded up and detained by the anti-kidnap unit of the police. Incidentally, just few days after the kingpin of the dreaded kidnap gang was arrested, Emeka and two other staff of the company, were brought before the gang for identification. Surprisingly, both Evans and other members of his gang denied knowing Emeka or any staff of the pharmaceutical company. This led to their being granted bail by the court pending when police will conclude their investigations. The search for Emeka and his colleagues was not an easy one; but it became rewarding as he opened up after an accidental encounter. Excerpts;

“My name is Emeka Godson Egbulugha. I graduated from the University of Nigeria, Nsukka, Enugu State, Nigeria. I am a Pharmacist by profession. I got employed by Maydon Pharmaceuticals Limited in 2013, as a Medical Representative. In 2014, Chief Donatus Dunu, the Chief Executive Officer of Company accused his then Superintendent Pharmacist of embezzlement of fund. The Pharmacist later filed a suit against Chief Dunu and the Company in court which is still pending. Following my performance in the same year, he promoted me to the post of a Superintendent Pharmacist. In the course of work,

I combined the job of a Superintendent Pharmacist with that of a Medical Representative in order to please him. “On February 14, 2017, our CEO, Chief Dunu was kidnapped and the senior staff heard of it on February 15, 2017. At that point, we all started fasting and praying for him to be released and I personally went to Church to pray for him and the church at large also prayed for his release. To my greatest surprise, on May 12, 2017, I was at the University of Lagos for a supply when Mr. Gbenga (The Human Resources Manager) of Maydon Pharmaceutical called me and asked where I was, I told him that I was at Unilag Pharmacy. He asked me if I was coming to the office immediately and I told him that I needed to go to Ikeja (Mother & Child Hospital) for another supply before returning to the office.

“When I finished the supply, I rushed back to my office and within a few minutes, some policemen and women came into my office and asked me if I was Emeka, I said yes. They asked me what my duty was in the company and I told them that I am the Superintendent Pharmacist; they said yes, that I was the one they were looking for.

They handcuffed and took me to Ilupeju Police Station where I was beaten up and accused of kidnapping my boss. They told me that while my boss was in captivity, he heard my voice calling the person in charge of warehouse to load goods worth N7million Naira. Within the space of 45 minutes, the staff in charge of Warehouse were brought inside the cell at Ilupeju Police Station, and later, they took us to Anti-kidnapping & Anti-Cultism Office at Surulere, Lagos. “On May 13, 2017, the policemen started their investigation. They took me and the staff in-charge of Warehouse in handcuffs to our houses for a search. At my house, they took my mobile phone sim cards, laptop and cheque books for further investigation. Three weeks after our detention, the policemen went to the warehouse with the person in charge of the warehouse in company of Chief Dunu’s elder brother, Mr. Anslem Dunu, the Chief Accountant, the Director of Business and Development and Assistant Warehouse keeper, and they found out that his claim of looting his warehouse was not true. His goods were intact. Some goods were even surplus.

“After the stocktaking, Chief Dunu told the police that he had additional statement to make. It was at this time, that Chief Dunu claimed he saw me in the place where he was kept in captivity by the kidnappers. Whilst in detention, the warehouse keeper and I prayed and fasted daily for Almighty God to vindicate us from this false accusation and character assassination.

“On May 19, 2017, the Policemen took us to Yaba Magistrate Court to obtain a detention order from the court pending for further investigation. The court asked them to return on June 6, 2017, to inform the court of the status of their investigation. On that date, the police asked for three additional weeks to detain us but our lawyers opposed the application and applied for our bail. The court adjourned to June 16, 2017 for ruling on our bail application.

“To the glory of God, on June 10, 2017, the police apprehended Evans and his gang members and paraded them to the public on Sunday, June 11, 2017, at the Police Command, Ikeja. On Wednesday, June 14, 2017, the three of us detained at Anti-Kidnapping, Surulere, for conspiring with Evans and his gang to kidnap Chief Dunu, were taken to the Police Command, Ikeja (SARS office), before Evans and members of his gang for an identification parade. In our presence, the policemen asked Evans and his cohorts if they know any of us. They all said that they have never seen us before. In a bid to nail me in particular, they asked Evans to point at the pharmacist that gave him the information about Chief Donatus Dunu and he said, none of us gave him information, that he had not seen any of us before.

The Police asked Evans’ second in command in-charge of where they kept Chief Donatus Dunu to point at the pharmacist that do come there to make calls, and he said that he has not seen any of us before. The police officer told him that one of us said that we know him and he said, if any of knows him, he should talk and tell him where the person knew him from and where. “After this face-to-face identification, we were asked to go and were taken back to detention at Surulere. On June 16, 2017, we went back to court and our lawyers informed the court about what happened after the hearing of June 6, 2017, but the lawyer who represented the police prosecutor could not confirm if, indeed, we were paraded before Evans and his gang members. The court then adjourned the matter to June 20, 2017. On that date, the court, after listening to the Police lawyer and our lawyers, granted us police bail, pending conclusion of police investigation. ’This was after 40 days of detention.

“I must state that I am still in shock as to how Chief Dunu decided to level such weighty allegations against me. Since I joined his company until the date of his kidnap, I have never had any issues with him. I have never had any case against anybody even throughout my University days, let alone kidnapping my boss,” he concluded. The police are still continuing their investigations in this unfolding Evans saga.



  1. Very poorly written article. Very Confusing.

    Who is who?
    What is what?

    1. Chukwudubem Onwuamadike, a.k.a Evans, regained his freedom miraculously. Although, even after he had paid a ransom of N150m, Evans and his boys did not allow Dunu go. He reportedly escaped just few hours to the time slated by his abductors to kill him...
      #No time to proof read
      #All in a rush to put the news out first..
      #Vanity Upon Evanity

    2. I am sure it's been corrected now

    3. This piece is well written and there is nothing confusing there. You got to take your time, read, digest, and assimilate the shit.

      Meanwhile, Emeka should not blame the chief for wrongfully claiming that it was him, Emeka that masterminded the kidnapping.

      When someone is being held captive in darkness for so long, the person might start having hallucinations and illusions. This was probably what happened to the chief.

      The chief, after being locked up in darkness for so many days by the kidnappers saw a guy with the kidnappers and the chief misinterpreted what he was seeing, thinking the person he was seeing with the kidnappers was Emeka (illusion). There might not even had been another guy with the kidnappers, but the chief thought he was seeing another guy who was Emeka with the kidnappers(hallucination)

      Also, the chief possibly heard the kidnappers talking on the phone about a warehouse they were planning to raid, and the chief having developed paranoia assumes it was his warehouse the kidnappers were planning to raid. The chief also, could have misinterpreted what he was hearing, thinking that it was Emeka on the phone directing the chief's warehouse operator to load goods worth over 7 million Naira( illusion)

      What I am explaining here is that whatever shit that happened to the chief that made the chief to accuse Emeka of being the brain behind the kidnapping has explanation. It is common sense.

      The police did a good job interrogating Evans and his cohorts and since Evans and his cohort denied ever knowing Emeka, the judge has no reason not to have released Emeka.

      From the whole narrative, and investigations, it is unlikely that Emeka took part in the kidnapping, and so it is not justifiable to be keeping Emeka in detention. It is therefore good that Emeka has regained his freedom.

      Investigation is still ongoing and Emeka could be rearrested if new information shows that he took part in the kidnapping.

      Emeka should be thankful that the police did a thorough job, forgive the chief, and move on with his life.

      Some being wrongfully accused happens all the time. You only feel the pain when you are involved.


  2. Good for him. He should be lucky Evans denied knowing him

  3. Lucky him. Akoba adaba will not be portion

  4. Mr Dunu is not a Pharmacist, He is just a trade and is using Pharm Emeka’s License to do Pharmaceutical Business. His Plan is to use this opportunity to rope him in and continue to use his license without Paying. Secondly He Specializes in setting up his Staffs and Boys that Serve Him so that he will not settle them, when the staff are ready to move on or the Boys are due for Settlement. One of the Boys Tochukwu that he tried to rope inn in this case by saying that he and Pharm Emeka Conspired to Loot his Warehouse while he was kidnapped have served him for 9 Years and is due for Settlement. The other guy Kingsley has worked with him for over 5 Years and will get good pay off when he wants to leave the company. Some of the Staff he has given the Same Treatment before now are Pharmacist Olayitun and Pharmacist Dimgba that are of most recent, you can confirm this from Pharmaceutical Council of Nigeria. He has over 15 Case in Police and Court with his formal Staffs, Boys and Business Associates. He even said it that he thought it was People that he had case with that came to Kill him as he has many Cases that he is involved with.
    For All the Fake Journalist, that Will not find out the through Picture of things and only take Money and Report one sided Story, Shame on You. God has used the Capture of Evens to Expose the Wickedness of Mr. Dunu, His Wife and Other Colleagues of Pharm Emeka who are Jealous of his exploit in the Company and the Unprofessionalism of Majority of Nigerian Journalist who without getting Money from you will not carry your Story. As Mr Dunu rightly said Pharm Emeka Joined the Company as a Sales Rep and quickly rose to Superintendent Pharmacist in the Company. If he was bad as he is now claiming that he Started owing by not paying for Drugs He collected, how come he Promoted him so Fast. Secondly he said he heard Pharm Emeka asking his kidnappers where the Kept Him and he Mr Dunu looked and saw Pharm Emeka and Pharm Emeka Shrouded, if you are in the Same Place with someone will you be asking Where the Person is? The answer is No because you are with the Person. For Confused People who will be saying that one of Evens Gang Member that held Mr Dunu in Igando Camp is Emeka and Must be this Pharm Emeka, You are Wrong like Mr Dunu as I hear some people are already pleading that due to his state of mind he might have over heard the name Emeka and think it’s Pharm Emeka. Ike Emeka and Pharm Emeka Egbulugha is not the Same Persons.
    God Answered the Prayer of His People, and will not let Innocent good Persons waste because of the Greed of one man and Jealousy of People He has helped in the Office. Pharm Emeka is a good Man who does not hesitate to give and help whoever he can help anywhere he finds himself and no one can take this away from Him. The Prayer of People of God demystified Evens and His Gangs and Vindicated Pharm Emeka, Bro Kingsley and Tochukwu and Exposed Mr Donatus Dunu for who he Truly is.

    1. Thank you for shedding light on and telling us how the chief has been maltreating his staff. You may be right because I know for a fact that some of our senior medical professionals try their best to cheat the younger ones by not paying salaries on time.

      I used to work underground for a lady pharmacist at Ojuelegba bus stop near LUTH in Lagos and I noticed that this woman hardly pays salaries of her staff on time. She even tried to cheat me out of the business deal that I had with her and I had to resign when I had enough of her bullshit.

      But, but be it as it may, Emeka need to forgive the chief and move on.

      The police should be allowed to do a thorough job of investigating Evans.

      We all know that Evans has some senior police officers working for him and that was how he has been able to evade capture for so long until the big guns at Abuja got fed up and took it personally to involve themselves in his arrest.

      It is the police officers under the payroll of Evans and working for Evans that have been putting pressure on their colleagues to release Evans. That is a fact.

      Also, fellow Igbos like Evans have been trying their best to make it look like Evans is just a petty thief like some of our politicians and should not be hanged when this is not the case.

      Is it not an irony that most of the victims of Evans are Igbos but the same Igbos are trying their best to make Evans look like a modern day Robbin Hood and hence should be released and not be hanged.

      The only punishment for Evans is death by hanging and he is going to be hanged. Lagos state government will hang him for all the people he has killed.

      The whole world is following this case and there is no way Evans is going to evade being hanged this time around.

      Forgiving Evans is like sending out a strong message that Kidnappings and armed robbery is allowed and tolerated in our society and so, Evans must not be forgiven. He has to be hanged.