Wednesday, June 7, 2017

Facebook Founder Meets Nigeria’s Lola FIN Founder

Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg received Nigeria’s Lola Omolola, founder of a secret Facebook group called Female in Nigeria popularly called Female in (FIN).

FIN was founded in 2015 by Omolola, a movement of women focused on building compassion and providing support for one another, with the goal of having up to 1000 members in the group.

However, the group had exceeded its target as it recently hit one million members.

According to Zuckerberg’s Facebook page on Tuesday, he will be meeting with Lola and a few hundred of other top Facebook group admins in Chicago later in the month for the first ever Facebook Communities Summit.

“Over the past few weeks, I’ve been meeting group admins across the country that are building meaningful communities on Facebook and will be at the summit.

“This photo is with Lola, who lives in Chicago and is originally from Nigeria.

“Two years ago, she founded a secret Facebook group called Female IN, or FIN,’’ Zuckerberg said.