Tuesday, June 27, 2017

Inside Beyonce & Jay-Z's Rented $54.5m Mansion

This is Beyonce's twin's first home - a sprawling $54.5million mansion with an infinity pool and a separate HOUSE for the bey-hive.

Jay Z, Beyonce and their three kids are thought to be renting the huge estate for a jaw-dropping $400,000 a month after snapping up the gaffe in the weeks since the superstar gave birth on June 12.

Known as La Villa Contenta, or the happy house, the Carter clan are thought to be settling in just fine and with the main mansion boasting 14 bathrooms, 10 bedrooms and a 25ft infinity pool - there is plenty of room to potter around.

It is thought the family and their huge entourage are renting the estate until the end of August as their other property in West Hollywood is renovated for the twins, believed to be a boy and girl.

The new babies spent just over a week at the hospital before being allowed to leave.

For a celebrity, La Villa Contenta is worth every cent of its cool $54.5m price tag, which includes a 'natatorium' – or pool house – 'inspired by grand European follies', a large office building and a staff housing complex.

The Carters were renting $55m mansion in Los Angeles' upmarket and gated Holmby Hills neighborhood in the run-up to the birth.


  1. Blood of the lamb

    And these people are serving the devil and everything it represents like Illuminati, and they have all these?

    I serve a living GOD.... I must prosper and enjoy good things oo


    1. the more reason you should not envy them

  2. Wow! that's a beautiful house... Amazing. I love it