Thursday, June 22, 2017

Ireti Doyle Speaks On How Tough Life Was When She Got Pregnant At 17

Nollywood sweetheart, Iretiola Doyle recently opened up on how life was tough for her when she got pregnant at 17. She said her family members were harsh on her, but she got love and comfort from outsiders. She said this while speaking at Harvesters International Christian Centre in Lagos. She said;

‘You have to surround yourself with people who love and support you. I was blessed to have people around me; unfortunately these people are not family members. My mother didn’t take it lightly with me. I wouldn’t have handled it the way she did because I belong to a different generation. I was nurtured by people I met and they constantly reminded me that my life didn’t end with that bad situation.”

She continued to say:

'I felt I still remained who I was. I came from a very good home, not by wealth but value. Education was not negotiable in my family. I didn’t want that one mistake to define who I was. But it was quite difficult for me because it was the talk of the town for quite a number of years'.
Her daughter is now happily married.


  1. Teenage pregnancy is very difficult for parents to handle

    1. Yes now

      Shay she expect her mother to shine teeth with her say she get belle before ni?


  2. Its normal for mummy to get angry with a pregnant teenager but they should be given another chance

  3. She is right. Show them love after their mistakes

  4. Being harsh wont save the suituation. Mothers need to learn

  5. Thank God she has a better story to tell