Friday, June 30, 2017

JLo’s New Boo Visits Her On Set & The PDA Is HIGH

When you have a man that knows your worth. Jennifer Lopez was given a welcome reprieve from her latest gritty storyline on Thursday evening as boyfriend Alex Rodriguez visited her on set.

The Latina actress, 47, was greeted by the former baseball player as filming continued on the New York City set of her police procedural TV drama, Shades of Blue.

Dressed as her central character, crooked Detective Harlee Santos, Jennifer warmly embraced Alex, 41, during a break between scenes outside Manhattan’s Metropolitan Hospital Centre.

The couple, who started dating in February, looked smitten as they strolled outside the hospital emergency room.

Protecting themselves against the evening cold, Jennifer and Alex wrapped their arms around one another while pausing for a chat with Jennifer's co-star, Hampton Fluker.

With cameras set to roll the actress soon rejoined her cast-mates for a a tense scene in and around the sprawling hospital grounds.


  1. What me i know is that oyinbos love never lasts. Na as e dey hot e go cold too

  2. Today, there are in love, few years later, na divorce.

  3. Small time now dey will go their separate ways

  4. Why are people writing hate comments