Friday, June 30, 2017

Lecturer Who Impregnated Nursing Student Finally Suspended

A lecturer with the Ogun State College of Health Technology, Ilese Ijebu, Dr Seyi Adu, has been indefinitely suspended by the college for allegedly having sex with a nursing student of the school, Mosunmola.

Though Mr Adu accepted he had sex with her, he said he never forced her into the act. Mosunmola got pregnant and was abandoned for a long time by Mr Adu before she cried out for help. Long story short, she has given birth, but we are not sure if Mr Adu has started playing his role as a father. He has now been suspended by the school authorities indefinitely. I think that is not a bad one.


  1. Suspended or sacked?

  2. Good one but he deserves severe punishment to serve as deterrent to others

  3. Serves him right. Olojukokoro

  4. Nice. Ogun state is now waking up.

    This guy refused to take care of the lady who also happened to be one of his nursing students after getting her pregnant which promoted the girl to publicly seek for help. I think the lady is an orphan. She lost her parents long time ago and she has been sponsoring herself for her nursing degree before this nigga (a lecturer in the lady's nursing school) came along, got her pregnant and then refused to take care of the pregnancy.

    This nigga practically abandoned that pregnant lady to her fate in her hours of need till the lady started making noise about it.

    This is a lesson to all hoes out there. If a guy gets you pregnant and then abandon your ass, don't just keep quiet. You need to go public and make noise about it. There is nothing shameful about making guys like this nigga lives up to their responsibilities.

    You won't be the first nor the last hoe to get pregnant for a married man, so, go public and let the whole world hear about your case and help you make your married man takes care of the shit he created in you.

    Also, Ladun, please it will be nice if you can be providing LINKS, to the initial posts of cases like this. This will even make your readers stay longer on your website. I know I have requested for this in the past. This is just a reminder.

    Also, Ladun, there are some of your readers that even missed reading the initial post, and by providing links, you are helping them to really get the whole gists. Thanks.