Thursday, June 22, 2017

Let's Talk About Freedom From WORRY...

Worry as a tool of the devil. A lie from the pit of hell...

Yay! I'm practically dancing here, the best part of the blog is here, yayyyyyyyyyyy! Excited much!! Whoop! Whoop!! Jesus is here, hahaha. He is here to tell us the truth, to liberate us, and throw the lie of the devil back to the pit. You know this is 'hot hour', we need to work but, erm, let's just quickly throw this in, especially because of people going through a lot at the moment.

The truth is all these things have been written o, either you say Ladun, keep quiet and face reality or not, this is the reality o, it's been written. The world is almost upside down, people ALL OVER THE WORLD are WORRIED and you say this is not scriptural? The sad truth is that, the world is just starting, but children of God, those in the Lord will never be a part of it. Garri is now more expensive than rice, can i get an Hallelujah, helloooo... how can this be? Helloooo, the food of the masses now more expensive? Oh yea? Do you know black elubo is the most expensive now? Helloooo the food of the masses way much more expensive? Tormenting has come, but the truth is, it has not even begun, it's just the tip of the iceberg.

Lets quickly run to the topic that concerns us, FREEDOM FROM WORRY;

Mathew 6: 26-29

What is WORRY: Worry is a root that leads from somewhere to nowhere. It is a lie from the devil to distract you from your goal. From reaching that destination you have been destined to reach. When you worry, you lose focus, and that is exactly what the enemies want, they want you to lose focus because they know with that, you won't be able to achieve that target and they are happy.


1) Stop talking about the 'bigness' of the problem, but the 'bigness' of God.

Stop saying, ha! this problem is so big I don' think it can be resolved, but talk about how big your God is. How He alone used the heaven as his throne and the earth is footstool. Isn' that big? That's what you should be talking about; the God that is bigger than the world, the Mighty one and watch your worry disappear. Because you can't keep praising God, and referencing Him as the biggest, and a big problem will be in your life, it is not possible.

2) Stop talking about the speciality of the problem. Talk about the speciality of God.

You know, you say to yourself, this problem is so special, it's like I am the only one in the world that has this problem. You say to yourself; Look at me, I am an orphan, I live in a one-room apartment that has nothing in it. Absolutely nothing. Not even a bed to sleep, how can my problems be solved?Can God even hear me.

Let me quickly tell you the story of a man. There was this youth, he had nothing, life was so tough for him that even after he managed to rent a one-room apartment, the only thing he could move in with was a mat, a mat to sleep. That was how he lived for a long time, but he knew that was not his destination, that was not the will of God for him, but only a phase. When people talk about marriage, he says, meeeeee, oh no thanks, just let me be. He was scared of getting married because he said to himself, how will i feed my wife not to talk of children. But when the Lord of Hosts, stepped into his boat, his story changed. When he calls one person now five people will answer. If he is in the midst of  a crowd and he says can one person please come, they all rush to him.

3) Stop talking about the problems you think God is capable of doing, and the ones you think He can't. He can solve all things. The bible says, with God nothing is impossible.

4) Stop addressing the problem as your own problem, treat it as a stranger. Truly, it is a stranger, it has no place in you, it will return back.

5) Stop testifying about what the problem has done in another person's life. Ha, this problem is much o, do you know it is the same problem that Killed Madam Chichi, hmm, it also took away the life of Brother Adams o, ha!. They say cancer does not know young or old, even those people are richer than me, and their money couldn't save them, how will I be saved? Have you talked to your God? Have you totally surrendered the Cancer, HIV, or whatever it is to God?

Now Cancer, HIV, etc might be practical in some people's lives, but not having a job, might be your own cancer, not been able to feed your family as the head of the home might be your own HIV, Not been where you ought to be as a man, woman, student might be your own disease. But have you taken it to God. Stop the worry, stop speaking positive about that problem that has now turned into your worry, speak about how great God is. Take it to Him in prayers. When people ask you, sister, how far with that problem now, say IT IS WELL.  Sister, how far with bobo? Shey any man don show up now, you know that your friend, Bolanle is now married with two children, any man don show now? Yes, God is working on him, let that be your response.

You see, those are the languages the enemies hate, because once you keep saying that, they know it will manifest, and so they get very angry when you answer positively. Let that be your key now.

Brother, sorry o, abi any job done show? You smile and say, yes o, thank you ma, God is working on it. Look at that person's face, you will see that he/she isn't happy with your response, lol, because they hate to hear that, but never mind, keep speaking positively. Make positivity your key, even when you have not seen the answers to your prayers. And you will see, just in no time, you will see the result.

Lastly, hmm, this is not a part I truly like and it is the truth. If you are yet to give your life to Christ, I am sorry, but you might still have to worry for  a lonnnnnnggg time. You don't fall into the category of people that can benefit form this grace. You don't fall into the category of people that can say Father, take away my worries. Because God is not your father. He does not know you. The father you have is the devil, and he is the king of worry, so you will have many in your life.

But the truth is, if you are ready to give your life to Him (Jesus) He is willing to welcome you, He is willing to welcome you into His Kingdom, where there are no worries, no lack, but grace in abundance. Why don' you join us in that kingdom, join us, come and benefit from what we are benefitting. Come to Christ. He who has Christ, has no crisis. God bless you, as you bow to confess your sins and accept him. Need I tell you, that no matter the depth of your sins God is willing to forgive you? Come, come now!



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