Thursday, June 15, 2017

Lmao. Diplo Responds To Katy Perry After She Ranks Him The Worst In Bed

Hehehe response of life! Sigh!! Diplo has responded to Katy Perry after the Rise singer ranked ex-lovers Orlando Bloom , John Mayer and the DJ in order of who is best in bed, after cheeky James Corden pressured her into answering the question.

She ranked John Mayer first, Orlando second and Diplo third - though insisted that "all three are exceptional".

After catching wind of Katy's answers, the DJ couldn't resist taking a sly dig at his former flame in retalliation.

"I don't even remember having sex," he tweeted in reply to a link to the story. Not stopping there, the Florida-born star then followed it up with another jab, writing: "I won the bronze medal in sex Olympics."


  1. Even an Ocean-liner looks real small when in the Ocean.

  2. Will he is trying to say she has slept with a lot, but they gave her just 3 guys and i know he wont be hurt if he was number 1. All these is just a ploy to help Katy sell her album well.
    Dear Katy, you need a black guy in there somehow. then you would understand

  3. Even an Ocean-liner looks real small inside an Ocean.

  4. Dem no get work


  5. Lol. These people will not kill person