Sunday, June 4, 2017

Most Critics Are Jealous Of Me- Iyabo Ojo Blasts

Iyabo Ojo has spoken to Sunday Scoop! In this short interview, she spoke about how her critics are just jealous, how she can’t respond to every dog that barks on her way to success and why actresses dress expensive. Enjoy!

“If I respond every time negative things are said about me, I wouldn’t be able to achieve anything. Anybody who has a destination in mind would not stop to throw stones at every dog that barks on the way. Many of these so-called critics are just jealous people who wish they have the type of life you have. As for me, I concentrate on my career and business. I am too busy to bother about what people who don’t even know me have to say.”

On how actresses are able to sustain their expensive lifestyles, she hissed, “I learnt a long time ago that you can never satisfy everybody. If actresses don’t dress well, people would abuse them that upon all the films they act, they are not rich. And when these same actresses dress well, some people would be asking where they got the money from. I have stopped responding to things like that.”


  1. She didn't answer the question about how actresses sustain their expensive life style

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  2. You are nobody if people does not talk about you

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