Monday, June 5, 2017

Moyo Lawal, Krakstv, Random Guy All Speak Up For Dammy Krane

Lol. It’s looking as if Dammy Krane is not a bad guy after all with all the support coming from left, right and centre. You see that guy (2nd photo above) na him talk for the video, lol. And dude is so funny, only God knows what he rubbed on his face. He spoke defending Dammy Krane telling women that all the men that dash them 500k, N1m what job do they do? He also spoke about marrying women condemning him. He asked if their husbands were into legit business by buying N10m Benz! He then concluded that the ones tat F outside marriage never admit to doing it, until they are caught!! Moyo Lawal, KraksTv also added theirs. Find all of it below… lol.

moyolawalofficial as much as I am not #Teampackage for the world .... I detest hypocrisy !!! ( you know them ,pips who say ,type holiest than thou but have the dirtiest secret lives

What do you think about this?
(credit- unknown) .... P.s things done in secret is still wrong .....wrong...wrong .... Just in case ,you feel ,you look so good and nobody will suspect you ...its still wrong!!! ...p.s..p.s yes!....they are actually people who earn clean good money but you hardly find them on the internet dissing pips ...


  1. It's true. Na who dem catch be theif

  2. I really feel sorry for dammy krane

  3. So what now? Are Nigerian celebs now promoting fruad?

  4. I don't feel sorry. If you do the crime, you must do the time. Let us stop sympathizing with criminals. You do not know if this is even his first time. His being humble has nothing to do with it. Many of us live in America and do not commit any crime. F..k outta here- Newyorker

  5. I can't imagine how he must be feeling now. A star boy