Wednesday, June 7, 2017

Nigerian Man Encourages Other Man To Carry Out DNA Tests On Children & He Gets Threats From WOMEN

Lol, I don’t know when this happened but the tweet has gotten over 30 RETWEETS. SO they say a man took to Facebook to advise Nigerian men to carry out DNA on their children to be sure they are the real dads and women have been sending him threat messages. LOL. The said man posted one of the messages he got,while also reframing what he said. Find the TWO MESSAGES below… Ayam literally dead.Sigh!


  1. The women said the truth. The silly doctor should let sleeping dogs lie. You are not their creator

    1. Are you for real? So you support for me to raise kids that aren't theirs without them ever knowing? How will you feel if it happens to your brother? I am sure you will show the lady hell. Wow.... People are amazing

  2. This is not new. What have our fore fathers been using before DNA. The mumu doc. should just take a chill pill

  3. Many homes will be broken with that

  4. A rat can not threaten a cat nau.

  5. Lmao. The guy never said too much