Friday, June 2, 2017

Nigerians Take To Twitter, Storm Dammy Krane’s Page To Mock Him

Despite the singer or his camp hasn’t said a word about his arrest, Nigerians in their numbers have stormed Twitter and his personal instagram page to mock him.

People have been asking 9ice to just do a remix with him on ‘Ki emi sha ti lowo’ track were 9ice said, Wire Wire, ki emi sha ti lowo, once he is released. While others kept on Mocking him blaming peer pressure.

His Instagram page however didn’t help, as Dammy Krane only 24 hours ago posted a photo of himself posing on a private jet tagging the post ‘Based on Statistics’. His fans, haters, foes have all gone in on him, leaving the page on FIRE. The drama, the words are OUT OF THIS WORLD. He has been called a thief in every Nigerian language in just minutes.


  1. I cant explain this. Why dammy?

  2. It is wrong to laugh at someone's mistake

  3. "Help me say amin ooo, asiri wa oni tu". So all this while, this is the secret he's been praying not to be revealed .Asiri ti tu o! Kosowo Buggati mo!

  4. How can a whole Ladun Liadi fall for this kinda cheap publicity stunt...that's not a real mug shot,it's a studio job with make up sef...mmmtschew

  5. This is the new phase of things now in nigeria and by nigerians. This is why Police assault most youths.