Friday, June 16, 2017

Photo: Man Brutalises Wife Over Early Morning S3x

A man is said to have brutalized his wife over early morning sex. According to lawyer and human right activist, Emeka Ugwuonye, the lady had a conference to attend and so couldn’t wait to have sex with her husband that morning before heading out. He woke up to see her dressed, landed punches on her and still forcefully had sex with her. Ugwuonye who brought this to the notice of the public wrote;

"She just refused early morning sex because she has to attend a conference early this morning. No argument. Nothing! He woke up and found her dressed. Before you knew It, punches began to rain on the woman. Now, she can't attend the conference. The man still took it by force after leaving some lumps on her face.’’


  1. Life to him is all about sex

  2. Na WA oo

    Mad horseband

    Better leave him before him wound you again

    Sex is not food

    Lazy man that needs sex


  3. Useless man

  4. We should all desist from violence

  5. So, you refused your husband his conjugal rights because you thought one silly conference is always more important than shagging your husband.

    I bet you have been refusing your husband his conjugal rights for a long time.

    Why are you married then?

    You ought to be single so that no single man can lay claim on you, apart from those men who would like to sexually use you to relive stress and dump your silly ass afterwards.

    Your husband paid his dues and when it is your turn to do your part, it is either you have backache, headache, leg pain, tiredness, soreness, doing menses or you have one useless conference to attend.

    Your husband couldn't take it anymore and he forcefully took what is his, and now you are telling the whole world without any shame in you.

    Don't you have conscience?

    You probably forgot you are in Africa where your husband having paid your dowry in full have the right to unlimited access to your punana. In Africa, your husband is your king.
    Abi your mama no tell you that one? You should go and tell your mama that your husband had sex with you forcefully after you refused him sex, and let us hear her response.

    By the way, the wound on your lips that you are showing us was caused by excessive kissing and not due to your husband hitting you on your face or lips.
    So you can't use that lip wound as evidence of brutality from your husband.

    That wound on your lip is due to collateral damage as a result of sex that you had with your husband.

    No doubt, that sex was forceful, but who cares. The forceful sex is the most enjoyable one for a man.

    Honey, your olori(husband) is not guilty of anything. It is you that need to check yourself and start doing your part in your marriage. This is the only way for your marriage to work.

    Next time your husband demand for sex and you are not in the mood, just lay back, give him access while pretending you are enjoying it, even more than him. This is a trick of the trade used by side chicks, and this is why husbands keeps going back to side chicks.


  6. See this idiot lawyer narrating what happened like he was there. What happened to the term "alleged"