Thursday, June 8, 2017

Photos: Check Out The Life Style Of Music Act, Cash Wale In Atlanta

Cash Wale is not here to play and he is living the life! Though some of you might not know him, but he is one guy taking music and living life to the fullest seriously! So Cash Wale is based in Atlanta and has been nicknamed KING OF ATLANTA (No time). He is good friends with Dammy Krane and featured him on a track last year. Cash Wale flaunts his wealth on IG for whoever cares to see, and just recently got back from London where he flaunted POUNDS saying LEFT OVER FROM LONDON.  He is also the one that dropped the  ‘Fun night, Good vibes, Good people, surround yourself with real people… #nofaklove' quote on the Dammy Krane post just below this. See more photos of him below...


  1. Ladun is he not dammy krane's friend? You should know what he does now

  2. lol i wanted to say hope he wont be caught like dammy crane, then i saw him at the lst pics. Birds of feather, Labalaba together