Tuesday, June 20, 2017

Photos: Nigerian Single Mom Dresses As A Man For Father’s Day

Lol, most of you might be thinking Nollywood actress, Tonto Dikeh went too far on Friday when she stormed her son’s school dressed up as a man for father’s day, celebration, but erm, she won’t be the only one. Just as father’s day was celebrated yesterday, a single mom, who bears Ebere Amalaha on facebook took to the platform to share photos of herself dressed like a man with the caption;

"Happy Father's Day to all the single mum out there God bless us".


  1. Foolishness....so on mothers day, single fathers should also wear dresses? You are not a man. Stop perverting the world. Children need both male and female influences. Let their grandfathers and uncles play a role in their lives too. The male perspective on life is different from the female. Lebron James was raised by his mother but his friend's dad and coach had the greatest influence on his life. Stop all these fuckery- newyorker

    1. Stop shouting


    2. There is no shout here. You are plain ignorant. Men and women have different views of life. I am not surprised that you will support this even though it makes no sense. You would be criticizing it if single men wearing skirt and blouse with high heels on mothers' day. Stop being sentimental- newyorker

  2. Attention seekers. After messing op your marriage and keeping the kid away from his father, then you come play the victim like tonto your mentor. The last time I checked your mentor is still toxic and single.