Thursday, June 1, 2017

Protesters Strip N3ked As They Call For End To Violence Against Women [Photos]

Dozens of feminists stripped naked outside a president's palace as they held a screaming protest to call for an end to violence against women.

More than 100 protesters held the head-turning demonstration after they marched to a public square outside Argentinian President Mauricio Macri's residence.

After taking off their clothes in front stunned onlookers in Buenos Aires the group formed a pile of bodies and then screamed angrily en masse.

It was all part of a 'Femicide is Genocide' protest against gender-based violence, organised by a group called Artistic Force of Communicative Shock (FACC).

The women were performing a dramatisation as a prelude to the next march of the feminist collective NiUnaMenos (Not One Fewer) to be held on Saturday.

In all, 120 women undressed completely in the Plaza de Mayo in front of the president's home, the country's parliament and its highest court.

The group used the tactic to demand greater protection for the victims of gender-based violence, which is on the rise in Argentina.


  1. Wow.. This is serious

    Say no to violence against women


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  3. This is not the best approach

  4. This is serious! If they had worn clothes, it would have been 'just another protest' but this move actually brought an awareness and an acknowledgement! No blog would have reported this news if they weren't naked. Twisted world!

  5. Definitely not in support of this nude protest