Thursday, June 8, 2017

Sigh! Who Does This For The Gram? Watch Charles Okocha Shock You

Well, I am sorry I am beyond shocked! Loool, who does this for the gram? Like, excuse me, no, seriously excuse me? You had to show you are sharing $1 to people, people on the street? Even if it’s $100 (but em, it’s not) nko? So Charles Okocha a.k.a Igwe Tupac is back from the States. Though he lives there now. Yea, he retired there since acting wasn’t forth coming.

So Igwe landed MMIA and on his way home, stopped by to do this, as someone captioned it on camera for instagram. Honestly, Igwe has done worst things! Like him dancing without a music playing! You know he has been the one entertaining us online now aside the unending Bobrisky shows. Lol. Bobrisky knows what he stands for, but em, we are not sure Charles Okocha has found his foot yet! Dude be entertaining us like…. we don’t even get. Hardcore entertainment o. No music but dude be banging hard. Banging really hard, lol. Most of his fans are confused, but we all are watching where Igwe is leading us to.

Please see video right after the cut…

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  1. May be he didn't even share up to 10 dollars there

  2. Amo shine igwe tupac the weed dis boy dey smoke no be here at all gbana boy hemp smoker

  3. This attention seeker. His nollywood career is dead

  4. Who needs to see this? Fucking liars

  5. I hope he won't run mad

    Too much of hard drugs is not good


  6. All this long story for just Charles Okocha... aunty Ladun. I hope all is well! You need to chill