Friday, June 30, 2017

So Governor Rochas’ New Name Is Diaper-Wearing?

Well that is what FFK calls him now. We saw it at first and we thought it was an insult, then we saw it again in another tweet. And we were like, a new name? Please see second tweet below..  Lol


  1. Lmao why is this funny to me. Fani Kayode dont worry you will soon return to where you just came ut from

  2. Na pampers dem go see. I careless it is their national problem

  3. FFK is now copying foul mouthed Trump by calling other people names.There is nothing funny or classy about it. These people that you are calling diaper wearing are someone's father, uncle and husband. Politician should be people who have the interest of the masses at heart and sacrifice or offer themselves to serve. Why is this bitterness because you party was voted out of power? All this allegation that you friends and colleague stole money should be a shameful thing. It is only in Nigeria that people who should be in Jail still speak and command followership of illiterates