Thursday, June 15, 2017

Soul Lifting…. Yea By Me

It’s my best part of the blog, loool, but true! Sometimes I write gossips stories that make me laugh so much, and I am happy and say, Yay! They will rush to come and read this, which is a big big plus, lol. But whenever I’m writing about God, oh, I smile all through, the joy is much more than the entertaining story. As I am writing this 12:23am, yay I am just full of smile, smiling and smiling and just smiling.. Sigh! Lol.

So let me quickly share a story of a pretty little girl, (this is a true life story) that I know so well. Here comes a young girl, are parents got divorced when she was less than 5. Life was a little bit turf, then later on, her mother adjusted. Long story short, she was raised by her grandma. Fast forward again, she left secondary school at around 16/17 but the enemies didn’t want her to be a graduate. It was tough, so tough. Her younger ones went to the Uni, while she just stayed home to cook for them. It got her down, weighed her down, but she kept on hoping, one day, she will get admission, go to school like her brothers. Continue...

That was her hope. But because society thinks otherwise, it was getting to her, she said it would be better for her to commit suicide, by then her brothers were almost through at the university, eventually they were through, but she was still yet to get admission. Fastforward again, thank God she didn’t. She later decided to go for a part-time course, today she is a graduate (though very tough, the enemies still wanted her to drop out, but she didn’t quit).

Again, she heard the story of her father, and how her father built a house before he was 30. She said to herself, Lord how can I ever have one?  How can I have one before 30? I know it’s impossible. Will I even be able to build a house in my life? Already my education has been late, I graduated above age 30, and the question went on. Those were are words to God.

Fam, you know what? That same lady today owns TWO properties, properties that worth millions. Fam, you know what, that same lady has bought cars for atleast 5 people. Fam, you know what? That same lady feeds people, carters for the poor today! Her story is different, God used her to tell people around that there is nothing impossible with Him, and you know what, she acquired all these in FOUR YEARS. I told you she left school above 30 right? She is 35 now, owns all these and still growing! And you know the best part? Her certificate is still hanging in school, she hasn’t even gone back to pick it because SHE IS HER OWN BOSS. She owns the business she RUNS! God gave her a business that didn’t even require her university certificate!!

Is anyone giving God a standing ovation right now? Are you not moved, are you not? Are you standing up already? Isn’t that just JESUS! Was that the sister’s wisdom? Someone who already wrote a suicide note, who was tired of life because she believed she had failed. Come on give Jesus a clap offering. Stand to your feet and echo the popular verse of ‘Who Did It, Jesusssssssss’

What a testimony! Now let me tell you the name I call Him. I call Him Jehovah OVERDO! You see, people that know me, and know me well, know I have one song that I sing, and it’s in Yoruba.. Fortunately, I never knew the song, I only heard my pastor sang it twice and I said, oh this is my song, oh this song talks about me, about my life.

It goes thus, (Sorry my Yoruba is bad)

Mi O Ri O Ri O,

Olorun Mi, A Mo Mo Feel E Laye Mi (2xce)

I Know For A FACT, Olorunmi

Wi Pe O Wa Laye,

I Know For A Fact Olorun Mi, Wi Pe O Wa

The truth is, he who says there is no God, is yet to LIVE. That statement is very very deep, please read it again. Some might say, what’s deep there, please read it again. You only say there is no God, because you haven’t felt his power, you haven’t felt that real real power, so you can say there is no God.

Fam, close your eyes, close it now, tell God to please let you feel Him. Beg Him that you want to feel Him, I tell you, If God touches you, you will LIVE. What do you call there is no God, hahahaha, it’s because you haven’t felt Him, my goodness, you will tremble.

See if you have what you don’t believe you can ever achieve now, what you doubted you can even achieve in the next 20 years and you already have it, where you never knew your legs can reach and you already reached, lol fam you won’t say there is no God ooo. We are saying reality here, sigh! I wish this was a live chat, what are you talking about. That power of old that did the unbelievable miracles is still very much available. Let me stop here, ask Him to come into your life, into your business, and your life will never remain the same again!

Btw, If you are yet to give your life to Christ, please don’t bother, well and if you decide to pray the prayer, fine, He will come, touch you and give you a better life in Him. For those already born again, ask for that divine touch.Your father is the richest, so you can't be poor. Pastor Oyedepo says, your poverty doesn’t glorify God, Pastor Adeboye said, ask that poor Christian who his/her God is and Pastor Olukoya once said something like your poverty is an insult to God. May the Lord answer all prayers.


  1. Thank you Laduni

  2. God is faithful, I need him to do this wonders in my life too

  3. Thanks Ladun. Love the fct that you have not abandoned your faith as a christian for fame. Well I know God is faithful and at 35, I have not achieved much which gets me depressed. Bit I thank Him for waking me up daily. Have friends that have "achieved" all I am praying for but some are dead, divorced or miserable. So I will keep praying and wiring, and like the persistent woman in the Bible, believe that God will answer me. Cos I was not created to be put to shame.

    1. Amen @Sister girl

      God got you

      Stay lifted


  4. Yeah Thanks alot for the inspiration and yeah it's really God's Doing! Lol i never really spend time reading other people's stories or testimonies but i really read this and TBH i'm inspiried, the thing is some many people believe there's no God because of their present predicaments but the thing is God really do exist and you may be thinking he isn't answering you or so but honestly if God wasn't answering you, you'd be dead by now, hahahaha yeah that's ture, things can go tough and hard but it's all a matter of time. That sister never knew a day will come and she'll be a boss giving to others but when the day came, it actually happened. So your own day is coming too, all you have to do is keep watch and keep praying! Everything's gonna turn out well and Aunty Ladun! Thanks alot for this! God is really working, i dunno if you were referring to yourself Lol or it's really someone else but i'm really happy for whosoever it is and hope one day my story is gonna change!!!! God LIVES!!

  5. So inspiring, with God all things are possible

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  7. It shows that one should never give up. Thanks fpr sharing this story, motivated to trust in God more

  8. God is good.he can do all things if only we follow him

  9. Motivated to serve only him, seeing clearly the right path of worship. Don't be deceived there are better ways of serving God. RCCG is the best

  10. I am so blessed

    I am not the person that reads long essay... But I took my time to read this piece

    God Is God... HE never forgets his children. ..lets learn to trust him more

    I am glad for how that babe has turned out...

    God is still in the business of doing miracles

    Olowogbogboro is on my case

    God I thank you for being GOD.



  12. JEHOVAH never forgets his children, I believe

  13. thanks for this bless.

  14. pastor nailed it........For with God all things are possible.believe it, Pray and you will see it.

  15. Nice write up.... there is hope when there is life. #SayNoToSuicide