Saturday, June 24, 2017

Tomorrow Is Eid-El-Fitr Day In Saudi

Lol, I know Muslims will be screaming yay, as they read this.But chill, it doesn’t look like there will be parties tomorrow o. Whatsup? What is going on? No meat tomorrow people?

So Saudi Arabia, Malaysia, Indonesia, United Arab Emirates and 15 other countries have announced today as the end of Ramadan and fixed tomorrow, Sunday, June 25th as the first day of Eid-el-Fitr 1438.

Since Saudi has declared it, most likely Nigeria will announce theirs soon too. The funniest part is that my Muslim friends already say tomorrow is the d-day, and I asked, who announced this? Lol, And they said, are you a muslim? Lol.

But Nigeria is yet to announce the sighting of the moon.


  1. yeah... is even celebrating it

  2. Yayyy. I am coming for my meat mum zahad

  3. Mtchews. What are they celebrating? Does it stop boko haram / ISIS from attacking? yet bubu declared two days for it

  4. Happy celeb. Many more for them

  5. As if Nigeria will not stick to it too