Tuesday, June 27, 2017

Tonto Dikeh’s Bride Price Returned + The Dance & Warning That Came With It

A video has surfaced online showing Tonto Dikeh’s father returning her bride price to her estranged husband, Churchill’s family. Churchill who was not present as the bride price was returned, was well represented by his uncle, Bishop Dare in Port Harcourt. Shortly after the video was leaked this evening, Tonto took to her page, to dance saying; ‘The joy was indescribable’

Some of her fans however came for her, and she had to make another post appealing to them to stop, as no one has the right to judge her. See all of these below, including a video of how the pride price was returned.

The video of the returned bride price;

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Tonto Dikeh dancing and rejoicing soon after the video was leaked online;

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Then the warning she later gave to her IG followers;

I get to See some awful comments and I am here to say I will never reply to any negative or Bad vibes...I have had my own fair share of Clapbacks,Saucey with rice replies in the past and Believe me I have grown Up so much I wouldn't elude such SADNESS and classlessness again..
Please if you have nothing positive to say I advice you restrain from my page,PLEASE..
I mean you can insult me in your hearts and minds but not on my page and still put me through the stress of blocking and deleting...C'Mooon Thats brutal..
It's said that you can't give what you don't have "I DONT HAVE HATE,Nor clapbacks or nasty reply So I can't give you that... All I can how ever give you is LOVE..
Regardless I Love you all with the Love of God 😘😘🎈#KINGTONTO #Radical for Jesus


  1. Nobody holy pass. What is good about dancing over a divorce

    1. Covering up the pain..very arrogant and stupid girl..see how she brought shame to her family

  2. What a shame. This is not really necessary on the media for the sake of the lil man

  3. I feel sorry for King. He will see these videos some day and it will break his heart

  4. Na wa!! Tonto likes these attention. She used this social media to introduce to him, got engaged to him, married him, got pregnant for him, delivered the child and divorced him. So thats why people feel they have a say in the matter.

  5. I pray she wont regret this

  6. This girl has no Shame tufiakwa she just lost value and self respect divorce is not some thing to rejoice over talk leas of your bride price being returned if this girl is not care full years to com she will regret her life no sane man will dare marry this girl

  7. I thought she said she paid her own Bride price?So what are they returning?

  8. I feel so sad this marriage went this way