Monday, June 12, 2017

Travellers Knock Pensioner's FALSE TEETH Off After She Stopped Them From Entering A Nature Reserve

A pensioner had her false teeth knocked out when she was 'thrown to the floor by travellers' as she tried to stop them entering a popular nature reserve. Sarah Freeman, 73, said she wrapped herself around the gate at Hilly Fields nature reserve in Colchester, Essex, as the travellers 'tried to move seven caravans' through the entrance to the park.

She claimed she was left badly bruised as the men pushed her over and tried to prise her fingers away from the lock. Ms Freeman said: 'I wrapped myself around the barrier and they were trying to force me to let go.

'They picked me up and forced me to the ground - my false teeth actually fell out. 'They were trying to get the lock open, but I wouldn't let them.'

Ms Freeman was walking her two dogs at the beauty spot when she saw the group pull up at the entrance.

Running towards the group of men, she wrapped herself round the gate preventing the travellers access.

Ms Freeman stayed there for half an hour before the police arrived and the travellers gave up.

She said several dog walkers took pictures of the clash, but many seemed afraid to step in.

'My adrenaline was shrieking,' she said.

'There were three men trying to get me off the gate and one really nasty lady saying awful things.

'People were just watching and urging me on.

'After a while the police turned up and the caravans were trying to turn around and leave.

'My family were not too happy with my actions - they were cross that I had intervened and put myself in the way.'

Ms Freeman said the travellers claimed they had permission to access the land, which is also listed as a Scheduled Ancient Monument site.

Ms Freeman decided to 'protect' the popular nature reserve because she claimed a similar group had arrived on the land last year and 'left a huge mess'.

She said: 'I recalled a group were on Hilly Fields last year - it was very similar as they gained entry the same way. I have no particular objection to travellers.

'But when they were here last year there were fires lit, rubbish dumped and human excrement left behind.

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