Tuesday, June 27, 2017

UI Worried Over Half-Baked Graduates

The Dean of Postgraduate School, University of Ibadan, Prof. Jonathan Babalola, has said that there is evidence that many graduates of various universities in the country lack proper knowledge of the subject they claim to have studied.

Babalola, who spoke at the CARTA Graduate Advanced Seminar, organised for doctoral students of the university’s Faculty of the Social Sciences, said the trend had reached an alarming height, while also calling on universities in Nigeria to take drastic measures to address the academic deficit.

According to Babalola, evidence has exposed many postgraduate students’ inadequate knowledge in their areas of specialisation, adding that many of them found it difficult to even defend the research projects they claimed to have conducted before their certificates were awarded.

The don explained that the UI postgraduate school had set up a committee to organise pseudo courses that would target certain students in order to guide and tutor them on what to do in their areas of specialisation.

The Director, Office of International Programmes, UI, Prof. Oluwatoyin Odeku, called on students to apply for international grants and scholarship so as to attain global scholar status, adding that the university treasured internationalisation of its students through exposures to global scholarships.

Also speaking at the event, the Dean of the Faculty of the Social Sciences, Prof. Ayodele Jegede, noted that the seminar was organised for enhanced capacity building for doctoral students.

He said that Nigeria needed well-equipped researchers to solve many of the social challenges facing the country. According to him, looking up to people who do not have the skills to generate data and analyse them will add to the nation’s problem and compound its challenges.


  1. It's in all school. There's this guy in noun that I always helped to write exam, he can't even write his name

    1. Ladun's biggest fan27 June, 2017 11:27

      Yet you made a mistake.

      Correction - It's in all schools.

  2. It is the reason most graduates cant carry out their primary assignments at their place of work

  3. Some graduate can't defend their certificates

    1. Ladun's biggest fan27 June, 2017 11:25

      Like you right? Pot calling kettle black.

      It should be - Some graduates can't defend their certificates.

    2. I just weak pot calling kettle black

    3. Mtchews. ITK will not kill some people. How is the fellow pot calling black just because of s in graduates.

    4. Ladun's biggest fan28 June, 2017 00:06

      It takes a moronic ITK to call someone else an ITK just for correcting that person. Laura Panda shut up.