Tuesday, June 6, 2017

Very Graphic Photos: Young Thieves Burnt To Death In Imo

Oh dear! This is very gory! Two young men were on Sunday burnt to death in Uvuru, Abih Mabise Local Government area in Imo State. According to a Facebook user, Amaefule Emmanuel who broke the bad news, the young men Kingsley and Chukwunoso were caught stealing in his community and were burnt to death ALIVE.

Amaefule wrote;"Out of anger this young men was killed by villages because of what is happening in our community, we all knows that country is hard but we should not involve in this kind of act called criminal it can damage your image, anyway the wages of sin is dt...God have mercy on them."

Please photos below are very gory! Very very!!


  1. OMG. Stealing is never an option when you are poor

  2. Chai see what joblessness can cause

  3. Wicked people. God doesn't want this he who is without sin cast the first stone.