Monday, June 26, 2017

Victoria Beckham Cosies Up To Husband At Glastonbury

They share a famously strong relationship and will celebrate their 18th wedding anniversary next month.

And Victoria and David Beckham proved the couple that parties together, stays together as the pair enjoyed Ed Sheeran's headline performance at Glastonbury on Sunday evening.

The power couple, known collectively as Brand Beckham, were in sync as they took in the hitmaker's set,and both took out their smartphones to record the stunning performance. Looking nothing but devoted to one another, Victoria put a loving arm around her husband's broad shoulders as she whispered into his ear. More photos below;


  1. Love their love

    Who is the other lady beside @Victoria? ....why she dey gum her body for @Vic body?


  2. The VB's phone is all I can see