Saturday, June 10, 2017

Wanted Kidnapper, Evans Arrested In Lagos

The notorious and dreaded kidnap kingpin who was recently declared wanted by the police simply called Evans has been arrested in Lagos.

He was arrested at the Murtala Mohammed International Airport a few hours ago by eagle-eyed policemen while he was on his way to travel out of the country.

 Recall that police authorities, recently, placed N30M bounty on his head after the arrest of some of his gang members. The gang had kidnapped uncountable number of wealthy business men in Lagos and environs. His victims were forced to pay a ransom of not less than N500m before they were let off the hook.


  1. Wat Evans captured this God too much.after vampire dis nigga Evans is dreaded God too much so d bitch ass coward was runing away

  2. Policemen are really trying these days

    1. Which trying. are the police and gangs not partners before. The police and kidnappers work hand in hand. Maybe the business did not pay the right price hence the fall out

  3. Thank God

    See his wicked face