Thursday, June 29, 2017

‘Wash Boy’, Ice Prince Also Replies Hushpuppi

Just when we said it was looking like a long war, Ice Prince also found his reply for hush! Recall that Hushpuppi called Ice Prince and Phyno out, and only phyno has deemed it fit to reply him since? Well, Ice Prince has now found a reply for him as well. He thinks Hush wants to be famous so bad, so he tells him, ‘get into the studio bwuoy’, the fame that comes with it is sweeter than that of a laptop (you sure know what that means, lol )

Who else should we be expecting again to come for hushpuppi? Kc already did even though the dude never mentioned his name, but he feels he disrespected musicians for calling his colleagues out. And so came for him! Next…


  1. Someone is a puppy, why are you wasting your time to reply him??? You are making him relevant.

  2. Hush Puppy ko, Hush Bingo ni.

  3. Wash pussy is in trouble today
    musicians versus ?

  4. Wash puppy!!!

  5. Just hush this puppy!!!