Saturday, June 17, 2017

Why You Can’t Define Nigeria As Free- FFK

A former Minister, Femi Fani Kayode has tweeted why he believes Nigeria is not totally free.We however cant confirm if these are true.


  1. He is not far from the truth. Nigeria is not a free nation

  2. Pained PDP man

  3. Intermittently spewing thrash is now the trade Mark of Egbon FFK.

    FFK is fast becoming the Donald Trump of Nigeria, the only difference being that FFK ain't the president of Nigeria.

    FFK is a lawyer by training, so why can't he sue these northern institutions on behalf of those being discriminated against if truly they discriminate against Christians and southern prospective students?

    Northern states owned institutions just like all states owned institutions in Nija have catchment areas from which they mainly admit their students and what FFK is insinuating as discrimination by northern institutions is nothing but the practice of northern institutions admitting students from the northern catchment areas. This is perfectly legal.

    If most northerners are Muslims, why should scarce resources be wasted by their governments promoting Christianity in northern schools?

    FFK is a dividing and not a unifying personality in Nigeria and that is very sad.

    I hope the northerners see that he ain't talking for the Yorubas.
    He is talking for no one but himself.