Friday, June 23, 2017

Youth Corper Takes To Instagram To Celebrate His Mom [Touching Photos]

Dipo simply known as dipoocollection on instagram, a fresh youth corper took to IG this morning to celebrate his mom who he says solely raised him by selling pap. Dipo says he is forever grateful and promises to give her a golden spoon in return. So many people have been ‘awwing’, ‘eyahing’ over his post, but what they need to do for Dipo is to pray that any lady that will not make his dreams of taking care of his mom come to pass, such a lady will not come his way.  Dipo’s words after the cut.

Dear mum

With everything you have faced in your life, and the strength you have developed, proves to me that when life is tough I can be tougher. I love you so much, even though am not born with a silver spoon, am here carving a golden spoon MUM, I OLADIPUPO promise you a golden spoon in life and am proud of who you are


  1. Not you shouting in IG

    Do the needful and take good care of her

    Some people like to be noticed


    1. Why are you hating on them

  2. Amen ladun, no woman will ever separate this mother and son's love

  3. Awww. God bless you. Mama will surely eat the fruits of her labour and others.

    Stop hating @ Galore

  4. God will bless you to take care of your mum

  5. God will bless you for appreciating your mum

  6. This is so touching


  7. May God help you fulfill your dream Dipo