Thursday, July 20, 2017

Aww Hushpuppi Loves Seyi Law [Read]

LMAO! So yesterday, Seyi Law threw a shade and he later tried to say it wasn't one when his followers told him they caught the SUB! LOL. So seyi made another post saying, people shouldn't take any of his posts like a sub, but in fact it was! Lol.

Seyi took a photo, in the background was a photo of late Nelson Mandela and a dog. Seyi captioned the photo;

Two great men and a dog. One dead hero, a living legend in the making and still a Dog. Then he continued,

Because of instigators, here is Nelson Mandela, SEYILAW and a PUPPY. And ended it with; just for laughs.

Lol, my people who is he referring to? Even a 90-year old grandpa will know it's Hushpuppi (in 9ice voice, lol DEAD). So Hush (trust him) caught the sub, and replied Seyi. But no, not in his usual way, he was very kind to Seyi, he showed love for the first time. Seyi Law must be special! Continue...

Hush's response;


  1. He does not want to start another drama

  2. Lol, proving to Seyi he is a bigger person. Also, seyi, that outfit is way too tight for you body. Dont choke everything.

  3. @Seyi always tries too hard

    In comedy you don't try hard.. It comes effortlessly

    @Anonymous Orubebe

    1. I no see the sub

  4. Seyi law passed his boundary. Good hushpuppi didnt reply him

  5. Hush I'm not really a fan of urs but this has made me love u. As for seyi it seems as I was supporting u as per kemi u actually deserved it. U haven't learned ur lesson.

  6. What is hushdog feeling like

  7. Seyi law you no dey tire. See has kemi olunloyo dey mess you up and down

  8. Lol he should have replied him