Thursday, July 27, 2017

Beyonce & Jayz Hire 6 Nannies To Take Care Of Twins

Beyonce and Jay Z welcomed twins Rumi and Sir in mid June. And the family have already snapped up nannies to help take care of the newborn babies as they nest in Los Angeles.

According to a Wednesday report from US OK! magazine, the singers have hired six nannies at $100,000 a year each for the bundles of joy.

'The twins don't sleep at the same time, so she decided she needed three per child, working in eight hour shifts,' a source said.

It is not unusual for parents of newborn twins to have both day and night nannies.


  1. 6 nannies, how dem take know?? Did they see the nannies on a queue ni with inscription Bey's twins nannies. Speculation things.

  2. They can afford it. It is not easy to be the highest paid celebrities

  3. God punish poverty. God please bless me