Tuesday, July 25, 2017

Blac Chyna's Ex, Is STill NURSING His Wounds O, Bobo Has Refused To Move On...

Blac Chyna looks like a deuce without her old boo and that's according to him. Pilot Jones, is now using a new song for revenge.

Pilot's new single, "Flossin" features the not-at-all-subtle jabs and the music video co-stars a Blac Chyna-esque character, played by model AzMarie Livingston.

In the lyrics, Pilot says he's better off without BC. But wait, didn't he accuse her of bullying him to a point where he nearly killed himself? Now he is saying he's better off with her and she looks like a deuce without him. Yaba left? Lol or let's just say bobo wants to make a name for himself seeing Chyna is all over the news now following her drama with Rob.


  1. Yes yaba left. He's just seeking attention

  2. There is nothing wrong with him trying to capitalize on her fame. He can have his own recognition like that

  3. Mtchews. He wants to be famous