Monday, July 10, 2017

‘Blood Suckers’ Seun Kuti Lash Out At Dangote & Friends Over Fun Photo

Remember this viral photo of Aliko Dangote and his friends during the just celebrated Eid? Well here’s what Seun Kuti has to say about it. Something entirely different;

I see people trying to put a positive spin on this image but what I see is a group of people with a combined debt of 2.5 trillion Naira( as just released by Amcon) which is used to buy a lavish lifestyle and paid for by tax payers. How can people owe sooo much and still be allowed to keep all their luxury while the tax payers are footing the bill. Y'all can celebrate these blood suckers but I have NO LOVE!!!! #naijaresistance


  1. Atleast someone is saying the truth

  2. Replies
    1. There is bitterness in someone saying something that is the truth?

      If somebody is owing the state so much while he has the means to pay the debt but just refuses to pay the debt, why can't the government force that person to pay up?

      Why should the government write that debt off and thus making the citizens responsible for paying the debt?


  3. The truth is coming out. Yea nothing is forever hidden

  4. Seun you are the true son of your father

  5. Fearless and bold like your father...

  6. Cant you borrow you own too and prove that you can pay back. Yes they might owe a lot.

  7. No be lie Seun

  8. He spoke the gospel truth