Monday, July 31, 2017

Christabel Ekeh 'Arrested' For Posing N3de

Ghanaian-Nigerian actress, Christabel Ekeh who recently splashed her naked photos on her official Instagram page has been arrested in Ghana and that's according to Ghanaian entertainment blog, Ghbase.

The website reports that, Ekeh is currently at a police station answering questions on why she released her nude photos.

Recall that the actress had said she released her nudes to introduce the new Christabel to the world. Even when some of her online followers said her page must have been hacked, she rebuked them saying, she released them herself. Goodluck, lol.


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  2. Good one. Guess she released the naked pix for attention

  3. They should leave her alone. Is it not her nude pictures?

  4. Is it not her body? On her social media account. And self uploaded