Friday, July 14, 2017

Crazy Video: Floyd Mayweather Swarmed At New York Bank

There was madness at Times Square yesterday at a New York bank where hundreds of people swarmed Floyd Mayweather as he walked out of a bank.

Floyd was flanked by his massive TMT bodyguards as he left Chase Bank - where he either deposited his $100 million cheque or withdrew some cash for the big media event in Brooklyn last night.

Remember, TMZ on their site on Wednesday said that Conor mocked him for only having $5,000 in his backpack?

Either way, the scene was chaotic everyone tried to get a shot on their phones, but Floyd ultimately made it to his ride without incident.

Not everyone got out clean though because cops were on the street firing off tickets for illegally parked cars lol.


  1. They have time. Jobless Americans

  2. For real? People waited at a bank just for him?

  3. Wait, so he wasnt spraying money. Why did they now gather??

  4. 100 million dollars for the account o. Good for him

  5. Correction Ladun, check is correct. It's American English. Cheque is British English. Just like Center is American and Centre is British.

    TMT actually didn't make a mistake. They are speaking their language; American English.

    I see you have taken down the post anyway.