Wednesday, July 12, 2017

Evangelical Leaders Lay Hands On Trump

A photo showing evangelical pastors and leaders praying and laying hands on President Donald Trump has drawn criticism.

In a photo posted online today. Trump bows his head as evangelical leaders lay hands on him in the Oval Office. The photos were taken in the White House on Tuesday, it has been claimed.

Trump has remained out of the public eye since returning from the G20 summit in Hamburg, Germany over the weekend.

The photo, taken by Rodney Howard-Browne, has been shared many times on,, and other social media outlets.

“Yesterday was very surreal for @ahowardbrowne & I,” the pastor of The River at Tampa Bay Church, wrote on Facebook. He continued;

“Thirty years ago we came from South Africa to America as missionaries. Yesterday I was asked by Pastor Paula White-Cain to pray over our 45th President – what a humbling moment standing in the Oval Office – laying hands and praying for our President – Supernatural Wisdom, Guidance and Protection – who could ever even imagine – wow – we are going to see another great spiritual awakening #ovaloffice #westwing #whitehouse #washingtondc.”

The photo sparked criticism among the heathens on But not everyone was critical of the images.

“This picture made me cry as the Spirit touched my heart,” wrote one Facebook user. “The Lord’s hand is upon this man, even though the world does not realize it and cannot realize it due to their spiritual blindness. A very special sight to behold God be welcomed in the White House once more.”


  1. As a Christian, these men make me ashamed. They are using Trump for their own agenda. Their plan all along was to retake all apparatus of Governance especially Supreme court. They don't care if the man they use sleeps with 10 women. They will lay hands on him and declare him Holy, as long as he does their bidding. Very sad.- Newyorker

    1. @ Anonymous 13 July, 2017 23:44
      As a Christian as you claimed, you need not to been ashamed okay? You cant deprive him access to God ok? If you cant support at least by offering your prayers then stay far please.
      "if the man they use sleeps with 10 women" he should not be prayed for? My friend God no be man, so live and let others live.
      Remember the Man's name is Trump, so let him do his instead of publicly being ashamed as a ....

    2. Why are you ashamed? Maybe you don't know what laying of hands mean. He needs to be laid hands upon

  2. Trump is seeking annointing

  3. Why are the laying hands on him?

  4. This is the best I have ever seen of a President of a great country like America May God be with him