Thursday, July 20, 2017

Fans Still Buying R.Kelly's Concert Tickets Despite Cult Allegations

They don't care! R.Kelly has 14 upcoming shows planned and there's still huge demand for tickets amid allegations he's running a "cult."

Kelly's gigs were already scheduled before the scandal broke, but all of them are still scheduled, starting July 28 in Virginia Beach and running through October 8 in Ontario, Cali.

TMZ reached out to all of the venues - 11 confirmed nothing's changed. In fact, some like the Chene Park Amphitheatre in Detroit, told the news outlet they've been getting a high volume of calls this week alone and are almost sold out.

Others told them they hadn't even received angry calls from customers over the claims R. Kelly is holding women against their will.


  1. Lol, maybe there are going for his music and until the show starts, we dont know if all who bought the tickets would show up.

  2. Make them buy nau, he will see more girls to pick

  3. He has not been proven guilty

  4. He is a celebrity. Girls love him. He is their fantasy

  5. Na dem sabi