Thursday, July 27, 2017

Festus Keyamo Takes A Swipe At Buhari- Haters

Lol, we all know those he is referring to, don't we? Lol.


  1. Ladun, who is he referring to?

  2. Foolish Keyamo, claiming to be an activist and a protegee of Gani. I am sure Gani would have rejected him if he were alive and seeing what he has turned to. Well at least it worked for Him. Jonathan Administration Could not make him SAN. and he has gotten it from this Lawless and no regards for Rule of Law Government and nothing they will do that will be wrong in his sight. But Posterity will surely Judge him and his Likes.

    1. Anonymous 11:41, e dey pain you say free money nor dey for you and your benefactor abi? Shut your stinking mouth dia. Keyamo more than deserve his SAN title. Bad belle! Buhari till 2019.