Thursday, July 27, 2017

Furious Protests Erupt In NY ,DC & San Francisco After Trump Bans trans From Military

Hundreds of angry protesters took to the streets of New York City, Washington, DC, and San Francisco yesterday night after President Donald Trump announced his shocking ban on transgender people serving in the armed forces, calling the cost of transgender healthcare in the military as a 'burden'.

Crowds gathered at a plaza named after the late San Francisco gay rights activist Harvey Milk to protest Trump's ban.

Demonstrators waved pink and blue flags and held signs bearing slogans: 'Trans lives are not a burden.' As they took to the streets and gathered in front of the plaza, they could be heard chanting: 'Stand up! Fight back!'

A transgender woman who identified herself only as Layla addressed the crowd and said she's tired of being told who she can or cannot be, and asked for others in the LGBTQ community to support trans people as they fight for respect.

Doug Thorogood and Nick Rondoletto, a couple from San Francisco, waved a rainbow flag and held a sign that read: 'The only reason transgenders are being banned from the military is for bigotry.'

'Haven't transgender people gone through enough? I'm over it!' Thorogood said, as they marched with the crowd from the Castro neighborhood to City Hall.

'When (Trump) goes for the people with the least rights, I just can't sit back and let that happen,' Rondoletto added.


  1. Lol

    Now everyone hates @Trump

    In America, majority are @LGBT

    But that is not what God expects us to be

    I am guilty though

    @Anonymous Orubebe

  2. i knew a protest will ensue. the solution is this, The Military wont be responsible financial for the surgeries, that would be out of their pockets. but the can enjoy other privileges like other trans citizens

  3. Senseless protest. I think trump is right on this