Tuesday, July 11, 2017

‘Have A Brilliant Birthday My Love’, Mercy Aigbe’s Estranged Husband Gives Her Daughter A Shout Out

Today is Mercy Aigbe’s daughter’s birthday. The one she had with her first husband before marrying Lanre Gentry, her 2nd. Lanre however won’t let the battle between him and Mercy spoil Michelle’s special day. He took to IG to send her a special birthday message, making her understand she will remain his daughter forever. Michelle still bears his name- Gentry. What he wrote after the cut.

If I should have to wish you a pleasant day, I'm going to start by giving thanks to God for creating a wonderful daughter like you.

I believe today is your perfect day, your special day and a wonderful day as well.

Michelle darling, celebrate with happiness!!! And know that one of my heart desires for you is to have a life full of joy.

You have always made me proud. And no matter how old you are, to me you will always be my little girl. Have a brilliant Birthday my love!!!

May the world know your name
May your heart remain beautiful
May your star continue to shine
May your smile continue to be like sunshine
May wisdom roll with you
Enjoy your day my darling daughter.


  1. Aww. So good of him and happy birthday to Michelle

  2. Mr Gentry if you love your wife you wont beat her

  3. Love this man for this. I can't take it

  4. Oya o babyfather

  5. what a nice gentleman Mr gentry is.

  6. All of you writing that you love what Mr Gentry is doing here need to have a rethink.

    Mr Gentry is an established wife abuser.
    What Mr Gentry is displaying here is the character of wife abusers.

    After a wife had experienced enough of beatings by her husband and then moved out of the husband's life, the husband will start doing things to woo the wife back so that he could continue beating the woman.
    This is exactly what Mr Gentry is doing by writing silly notes on a daughter who is not even his own daughter.

    What kind of a man will even take away the last name of a stepdaughter while giving his own last name to the said step daughter?
    An insecure man. And that is is exactly who this Mr Gentry is.

    Just like Black Chyna did, Mercy Aigbe need to go back to court and get a restraining order against this man because no one really knows what he is planning on doing if he can't achieve his aim of getting Mercy Aigbe back to his dysfunctional life of a wife beater.