Monday, July 17, 2017

Jeremy Meeks Going Strong With Heiress Girlfriend

Jeremy Meeks was spotted strolling friday night with his heiress/model girlfriend Chloe Green, and he's probably got more bodyguards than any ex-con in America!

Jeremy and Chloe- daughter of a billionaire and former "Made in Chelsea" star, were spotted leaving Catch restaurant Friday night as he as  filed a legal separation from wife of 8 years, not caring about her feelings or that of her family who have condemned him for his public display of love to the heiress over his family.

He was quiet all through the walk.


  1. Give them few weeks. It will be over

  2. MUmu girl

    He is all about the money.. .nothing else

    How can she be happy that a man left his wife of many years that stood with him when he was in prison... Now he left her.. She is happy that a man left his wife and kids

    What can of society are we living in please?

    @Anonymous Orubebe

  3. What goes around comes around. Chloe should expect the same

  4. Pussy over home

  5. Dude is doing it for the money

  6. Jeremy wants the fast famous life

  7. He is after the money. Gold digger