Saturday, July 1, 2017

JJC Explains His Instagram Post On Twins With Funke Akindele

JJC SkilLz has explained why he posted on instagram that they were expecting twins saying it was a prophecy from Nathaniel Bassey and he just keyed into it. Speaking with Saturday Beats the singer turned director says;

“My post on Instagram about my wife having twins was a prophecy from Olowogbogboro. Nathaniel Bassey came online and he had the prophecy, so I just tapped into it. If you look at my tweet, you would see what I wrote, I said I heard this news where he gave a big testimony, he gathered people around to pray for my wife and he said that he had a vision that she would have twins and that he will be invited to the naming ceremony next year. I received the good news and I pray it comes to pass,” the singer turned director said.


  1. May God hear you two
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  2. It will end in praise

  3. Amen to the vision and prayer, but stop posting everything on social media. Not everyone wishes you well.

  4. And so shall it be...AMEN!!!