Wednesday, July 26, 2017

Judge Exempts Snoop Dogg In Law Suit Filed Against Him, Wiz & Live Nation

A judge has agreed to toss out a lawsuit against Snoop because the other side sued him in the wrong state.

You'll recall Snoop along with Wiz Khalifa and Live Nation were sued by 17 concertgoers claiming Snoop and Wiz incited a stampede after imploring fans to "bring your ass down here."

The front row railing at the New Jersey concert collapsed as fans fell 10 feet onto a concrete floor.

At least 40 people were hurt, including a fan who says he suffered a fractured spine.

Now, Snoop's side argued he lives in Cali - not Pennsylvania where the suit was filed - so he has no business being caught up in the legal mess. The judge eventually ended clearing Snoop from the suit making him a free man, but that's if they don't go and sue him in Cali.

Wiz and Live Nation are still fighting the suit.