Monday, July 17, 2017

Justin Bieber Pulled Over For Using Cell Phone While On Wheels

Justin Bieber didn't get his hand off his cell phone while he was operating a car, so now it's going to cost him.

He was cruising around Beverly Hills in a Mercedes G-Wagon over the weekend when a cop spotted him on his cell and pulled him over.

According to law enforcement, he was issued a citation for using his phone while driving. It's unclear if he was texting or talking.

He was however calm and cooperative with the cops. He took his ticket and moved along without a further incident.


  1. The officers would have been shot if it was Abia

  2. Always in trouble

    @Chris Brown Don teach am

    @Anonymous Orubebe

  3. What he did was wrong. Nobody is above the law tho

  4. Toor. Many Nigerians are guilty of this too

  5. Many nigerians do this and its wrong, he has the money, he'll pay

  6. He collected the ticket calmly so no shaking