Friday, July 7, 2017

Man Who Lost Half His Face To Cancerous Tumour Gets Terminator-Style Transplant Built By Genius Surgeon

Tim McGrath, 38, encountered what doctors called the "worse case scenario" after an operation to remove his Synovial Sarcoma tumour left him with 'half a face' and unable to eat or drink.

Medics managed to remove the extremely rare soft-tissue cancer, but could not reconstruct his face, leaving Tim with exposed flesh for more than a year.

But the 38-year-old was given a new lease of life when a leading surgeon came to his aid and began giving the cancer survivor a terminator-style face transplant .

Top doctor Kongkrit Chaiyasate had heard about Tim's plight, and agreed to help him - using skin from his leg and forearm to reconstruct his face.

Tim, a keen golfer, is now enjoying every opportunity he is given and the reconstruction work on his face will continue in 2018.

In October 2015, Tim was admitted to hospital where he remained for almost seven weeks following the initial 30 hour operation to remove and then reconstruct his face.

During his long journey towards recovery Tim made the bold decision to leave his original surgeon and was welcomed with open arms by Dr Chaiyasate – who he heard about through a friend - in April 2016.

Dr Chaiyasate will continue with the reconstruction of Tim's face next winter which will further help his speech and will give him the ability to eat and drink again.

Tim said: "My family and friends have been amazing and their fundraisers have helped me afford and endure the $40-50k that has had to come out of pocket.

"I have been incredibly lucky to have insurance, the first eight weeks in hospital rang up a bill of $1.2 million alone.

"I have now found the confidence to share my story,, and if my journey can lead to a happy life for others around me then I truly understand why I was chosen to walk this path."